An Easy Animated Rain Tag

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An Easy Animated Rain Tag

Post  ZippyAcorns on Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:40 am


You need any version of PSP and Animation Shop and a picture of your choice.

Open your pic in PSP and resize it if necessary to no more than 500x500 pixels.

Add a new raster layer. ( Layers > New raster layer)

Now duplicate theimage twice so you have 3 pictures in all.( To duplicate Shift +D)

Using the paint brush tool set at white with thse settings...

Cover all 3 images with dots like this...

It doesn't matter how silly they look, just randomly scatter them all over all 3 pictures.

Now we need to blur the dots on all 3 images.
Its easy Just click on adjust> Blur > Motion Blur and then use the settings below.

Now merge the layers together on all 3 pictures

Select one of the pictures and copy it ( Ctrl +C)

Open Animation Shop.

In AS paste the image as a new animation ( Ctrl +V)

Back to PSP and copy ( Ctrl +C) the second pic... back to AS and add it to the first picture by using Ctrl +L

Back to PSP and copy the last picture and once again back to AS and paste it to the animation Ctrl +L.

Select all your animated frames ( Ctrl +A).
On the top tool bar click on the word 'Animation', then 'Frame Properties.
Set the display time to about 5


That's it ! You should have a rainy animation!

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