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Post  ZippyAcorns on Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:57 am

A Bit Of Glitter
From this....A bit of glitter.. Here-1to this.....A bit of glitter.. Done

Open your graphic.... and zoom it in a bit if necesary.

Click on your lasso tool and select freehand and a feather of 1.

Draw around the bits you want to glitter.
A bit of glitter.. Go3

I've chosen a few hairs, the middle of the flowers, and a thn band at the top of the dress.

Now duplicate the image so you have 3 frames ( SHift and D)

A bit of glitter.. Go4

Then add some noise... the first frame go **Adjust > Noise> Add noise > Uniform 30% with monochrome checked. The OK

A bit of glitter.. Go5

Next go Adjust > Sharpness> Sharpen..... then do it twice more ( sharpen 3 times in total). Then deselect (Ctrl+D)
Move to your next frame and repeat the process from ** but instead of 30% set it to 35%
The last frame is the same again but this time use 40% noise.


Right copy frame one over to animation shop... then the second and add it to the fist by using CTRL + L and the same again for the last frame.

VOILA its done!
A bit of glitter.. Done

A bit of glitter.. Mgmanager8

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A bit of glitter.. Empty tut on adding a bit of glitter

Post  tarheel on Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:06 am

Thanks so very much for taking the time to share this. Have always wondered how to do this, & am finally goin to try to tackle it. cheers Wishing you & everyone at Majik's Glitter a Wonderful (& a bit late) New Year. JoyG aka tarheel Arrow who is tizzy from the past year & procrastinating!!


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