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Post  ZippyAcorns on Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:30 am

Blinkin' Tut!
Blinking Tut 1-7

First open your jpeg in PSP I used this fella...
Blinking Tut 2-7

Duplicate it ( Shift +D) so you have 2 copies.

On the first one using the lasso tool and the settings below draw round the eyes...
Blinking Tut 3-7

Then select the clone tool. Right click on a bit of the fur outside the marching ants and the fill inside the eyes bit with the tool....... do one eye to wink or 2 for a blink!

Blinking Tut 4-5

Now if you want to you can smudge it a bit like this....

Blinking Tut 5-5

Deselect the eyes.( Ctrl +D)
Copy to the clip board ( Crtl +C)

Now open Animation shop and paste the eyes closed bear ( ctrl +V)

Go Back to PSP and copy the pic of the bea with the eyes open ( Ctrl +C)

Back to animation shop and add it to the frame by clicking Ctrl +L.

Now we need to set the time length of each frame...

Click in the first frame ( eyes open) Then on the tool bar go Animation > Frame Properties and set it to about 120
Blinking Tut 6-4

Then click on the second picture ( should have a red line under it now) and repeat the frame properties step above but make the display time 20.

Save your gif!

You should end up with...

Blinking Tut 7-1


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