Baby its cold outside

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Baby its cold outside Empty Baby its cold outside

Post  kittie on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:25 am

I went outside to get mail this morn, lets rephrase that, I skated out to get mail. Boy is it icey & cold out there. We are hovering back & forth at that freezing mark. Everything is just covered with a 1/2 of frzen ice. The tree branches are frozen, grass is frozen, my ornamental grass that usually sways in the winter breezes is frozen solid to the ground. Wondering how much swaying that is going to have left after this ice.
Our hot tub door is frozen shut. Can't even get into the room. You freeze when coming into the wrm house so I don't give a _ _ _ _.

My pumpkin bread went over good at the party last night. Left some behind for the guys on shifts to enjoy. Brought some home so we'd have some.

Today will be filled with wrapping my last few Christmas presents and getting things ready for tomorrow. Going to finish up our shopping.
Just saw the noon weather and what a bucket of slop we are dealt with.


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