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Post  Sweet Caroline on Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:55 am

Howdy, Sweet Magik. . .

What am I doing incorrectly? I've turned off all the various codes; but when the letter is launched, all the various codes show up within the E-mail. It's so annoying; and it certainly doesn't make for easy reading.

I also need to know how to attach my signatures to the E-mails. I've read the instructions, but they are only confusing to this "brain-fogged" lil ole lady.

Thanks, Sweetie! I'm hoping and pulling for you on this new board. In little or no time, I hope the membership is full to over-flowing! Hang in there.

Sending lots of warm, gentle hugs your way.

Luv ya bunches!
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline

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