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Post  Teddy on Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:30 am

Hi everyone...I'm from the UK and have been psping for around 6 years now.
I'm married to Dave and we have 3 children (only 15yo left at home now) and 4 grandchildren.
Dave has suffered 2 strokes now and is in a wheelchair and I am his carer...but he is very independat and does a lot for himself...Kirsty our 15yo has had kidney disease since she was 8...we are going to go through a pretty tough time for the next six months as they want to try to take her off the drugs she is using...it will be trial and error and a lot of testing at the hospital but we pray it works out for her...she says she just wants to lead a normal life...we were told last month by the hospital that she has the potential to live her life out with her own kidneys...we've taken this as a positive but she will also be under the hospital for the rest of her life.
I am a diabetic on insulin and am the proud owner of 2 titanium hip replacements (bet that makes me worth a pretty penny) LOL
Thanks for letting me join.

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