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Majik Glitter's is not responsible for any images that members post
in the message boards. We are conscious of copyrights and do our
best to follow the guidelines by checking lists of known artists. We have
posted a link below to DMAT for our members to check on what is or is
not ok to post. When we do recognize that anyone has posted
work of an artist from the DMAT list we will immediately
remove the item and inform the member.

If you see a copyright violation and you are the artist of ANY
of the images seen here, please email the managers at:


and we will remove the material immediately.

If you do find any prohibited images it is simply the result of our
not knowing the specific artist or the piece in question. However,
upon notification by the creator we will be happy to remove it a.s.a.p.

We personally claim no rights to any images other
than ones we did create entirely on our own.

We are simply a group of people that enjoy PSP and like to have
this group to share our own graphic abilities while
at the same time meeting new friends.



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