Add a name to an animated gif

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Add a name to an animated gif

Post  ZippyAcorns on Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:11 am

Open Animation Shop (AS) and open up the gif you wish to use.

Count the frames, this gif has 4

Go to the first frame and copy it Ctrl+C
Now open PSP and paste the copied frame there Ctrl+V

Using the Text tool add your name
Add any effects you wish I added a simple shadow

Whist the marching ants are still there copy the text Ctrl+C
Go back to AS and paste the name by CTRL+V

Next you need to make a name animation, it needs to be the same length as your original gif so this one needs to be 4 frames. Copy your name Ctrl+C and then add the 3 more frames by going Ctrl+L 3 times. ( drag your name animation out sideways to check there are 4 now)

Select all your names by CTRL+A and then copy Ctrl+C
Go to your original gif and click on its top bar then select all...Ctrl+A

Finally we need to paste the name into all the frames. Go Ctrl+E. Move your name to put it where you want and then one click should fix it.
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